Field Trials

Mushroom Fly Trials: Pennsylvania 2019

Sponsor: LNouvel Inc.

Cooperator: Mushroom Central, Bella Mushrooms, Kennett Sq., PA

Monitor: Rob Everich.



The trial took place in an established mushroom house with a heavy infestation of both Phorid and Sciarid flies. The grower made four applications of the conventional insecticide products permethrin and malathion according to his standard fly control spray thresholds. This standard treatment was compared to three applications of MyCoNet® to an adjacent house made during this same period.




A 21 day operational trial in established mushroom houses for control of Phorids and Sciarids:

  • Non-food use
  • Applied to plastic covering compost beds
  • Before “break and harvest”
  • Applications by hydraulic sprayer and mist applicator
  • MyCoNet® compared to conventional sprays of Malathion, Permethrin and Pyrethrum
  • Populations assessments by yellow tanglefoot cards changed out periodically


Standard Applications:

  • 08-Aug Permethrin and PF Mist application
  • 11-Aug Permethrin and PF Mist application
  • 12-Aug Malathion 32 oz in 150 gal Hydraulic
  • 19-Aug Permethrin and PF Mist application


MyCoNet® Applications:

  • 14-Aug MyCoNet® 4 oz. in 2 gal Mist application
  • 16-Aug MyCoNet® 16 oz in 150 gal Hydraulic application
  • 23-Aug MyCoNet® 6 oz. in 2 gal Mist application

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Total number of flies of either species recorded during the trial

Average Fly Counts - chart
Average Fly Counts

The average number of flies of both species remained lower for the MyCoNet® program compared to the standard insecticide treatment.

Total Fly Counts - chart
Total Fly Counts

The MyCoNet® fly suppression program reduced the total number of flies to almost half of the standard insecticide treatment.


Total number of flies counted by species

Only three applications of MyCoNet® were equivalent to four applications of conventional insecticides for suppression of Sciarids and more effective overall for control of Phorids.

Scarid Fly Counts - chart
Sciarid Fly Counts
Phorid Fly Counts - chart
Phorid Fly Counts



  • In this trial, MyCoNet® was more effective than commercial standards in suppressing fly populations when applied to plastic bed covers before break and harvest.
  • More fine-tuning is needed to establish a safe GAP for food-use application to fruiting bodies and harvestable caps.
  • Growers appreciate:
    – Ability to apply almost daily without promoting resistance in target pests.
    – Short re-entry interval.