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  • MyCoNet® is a contact spray and works through contact action
  • Is formulated with 3D-IPNS technology which keeps the insect in the treated zone and delivery of the active to the pest
  • Easy to use liquid formulation
  • An integral part for your integrated pest management program for effective control of Mushroom Flies and Fungus Gnats
About Application

Cultivation Sites and Product Use

Used to control mushroom fly pressure. Controls the adult stages of flies and gnats. Can be used within individual rooms on a farm including but not limited to Agaricus, Shiitake, Oyster and other exotic mushrooms.


Particularly useful during the times when adults are most likely present (empty houses and premises, filing, growth-pinning and picking times). MyCoNet® can be applied to walls, floors, ceilings daily depending on fly pressure. Can also be used on the exterior of the building and in the “breezeways” as a crack and crevice treatment.

3D-IPNS technology keeps the insect in the treated zone and improves the contact between the insect and the pyrethrins.

About Effectiveness

Targeted Mushrooms

MyCoNet® is expected to be useful in controlling mushroom flies and fungus gnats of most cultivated mushrooms.

  • Main Target – Agaricus (white button, portobello, (Agaricus bisporus)
  • Specialty Mushroom- Shiitake, Oyster, Maitake, Morel and all other
  • Certified Organic

Field trials have only been conducted on White Button Mushrooms.

White Mushrooms - image

White Mushrooms

Portobello - image


Oyster Mushroom - image

Oyster Mushroom

Shitake - image


Mushroom Pest Information

The major insect pest for mushrooms is the Scarid Fly. Second most common pest is the Phorid Fly. Both can cause damage to the crop as well as be a major nuisance to workers and neighbors.


More Information about Mushroom Pest:


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"The thing I liked about MyCoNet® the most is when we applied it our fly numbers were down the next day. Applying twice at spawn run also helps us keep moisture in the air."

Steve D'antonnil

"MyCoNet® is easy to use, either as a drench on top of the plastic or at casing. I believe it is effective on the phorid flies."

John Bush